Fine Art Photographs by M E Miller
offered as high quality giclees

Flower photographs

You haven't really experienced flowers until you've seen them through Mike's eyes!
We've broken them down into smaller groups for easier browsing - Red, Pink and White, Purple and Blue, Yellow and Peach and Orange.

Natural Abstracts

The natural abstracts reflect Mike's fascination with the intricate details and repeating patterns found in nature - presented in ways you may never have seen before.

Join Mike in his exploration of colors, patterns and textures through fine art photography. The abstract art photographs offer a glimpse into how his mind works, zeroing in on tiny details of ordinary objects to create truly extraordinary images.  His seashell, coral and flower photographs reflect his fascination with Nature's details, just as the landscapes are a tribute to Nature's grandeur. The arrowheads and petroglyphs gallery highlights the inherent artistry of Native American artifacts. His Bottle Collection is a very special gallery that you must see to appreciate, and the seascapes reflect his lifelong fascination with the sea.

A sea biscuit. lit in blues and cyans
Corals and Seashells

In this gallery you'll find corals, sea biscuits and seashells like you've never seen them before. Some of the pages feature mushroom corals in the unusual colors that are Mike's trademark, other shells are captured in their natural colors.

Abstract art, click for more images.
Experimental Abstracts

These experimental abstract images cover a broad range of styles and subjects. You'll find images created from window screen, household silicone, stained glass paint and Orbs and Glass.

Tiny sculpted silicone 'bottles', lit to look like glass, click for more!
My Bottle Collection

Mike sculpted these tiny bottles from household silicone, then arranged and lit them to emulate glass - complete with refraction. Don't miss this fascinating gallery!

Seascapes online art gallery, click for more images.

Mike creates these miniature seascapes from scratch and then photographs them to share with you.

Arrowhead, petroglyph and artifact photographs
Arrowheads and Petroglyphs

Arrowheads are truly tiny works of art - Mike strives to present them as such in this gallery.


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Fine art photography:  abstract art, flowers and more offered as high quality giclees

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